Do you have what it takes to soar?

Everyone wants to see their staffing agency succeed when they start out, but the truth is, not everyone is going to reach their goals.

The difference between a successful staffing company and one that ends up closing up shop isn’t always easy to see, because there are so many factors that could alter the outcome. For example, a chance meeting with a potential client could lead to you to a huge long-term agreement that helps spur your scaling.

You can’t control everything that impacts your staffing agency’s success (or lack thereof). You’ll never know when a natural disaster might roll through, or the economy experiences a recession. However, there are still many factors that you have control over. It’s up to you to strive to embrace these characteristics at every step of your staffing agency growth.

With that said, here are four key characteristics that all successful staffing agency owners seem to share:

1. Dedication

You won’t get very far in the Ontario staffing industry if you don’t have dedication to your agency. 99% of your thoughts should be dedicated towards how you can grow your business. People in your agency will take their cues from your actions. If you always look for the next step to take that can drive you to the top, then everyone around you is going to take the same approach.

While you need to maintain a good work/life balance, you will have situations where you have to spend a lot of time working on your Kitchener staffing agency. You should be prepared to spend hours and hours on your staffing agency, and ensure that you have a good support network in place to encourage these efforts consistently.

Building up your small business is not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but when you can lean on the right resources, you make the process easier. It truly is one of the most fulfilling things you can accomplish in your life.

2. Strong Leadership Skills

If you want to keep things going in the right direction, you need to take charge. Make sure that everyone knows the values that your company has, the goals that you’re working towards, and your mission.

You don’t want to leave people in the dark about these important factors, nor do you want to give mixed messages. Make sure you and everyone else in leadership or supervisory positions share the same mindset. The consistency allows you to optimize your growth and create a staffing agency culture to last in the long-term.

3. Good Judgment

You need a scalable and structured way to find the right personnel for your staffing agency. It’s not enough to bring in staff who are “good enough” to fill your spots. Your in-house people should be enthusiastic about the work that you’re doing, your temporary staff should convey your agency’s values and professionalism, and you need the systems in place to promote this environment. The most important things you can do to accomplish this goal is to look for people who mesh with your company culture, as well as offer many forms of talent development. You’ll be starting things off on the right foot by putting standardized training in place that’s easy to access and learn from.

Many companies fail to continue developing their workforce after the initial training period. This is a major mistake, as it can lead to skills falling into disuse and a lack of engagement from your staff and temp workers. Ongoing training and professional development helps you build up a staffing agency that’s filled with people who are passionate about their work, your brand and the work that they do for your clients.

4. Scaling Skills

When you first start your Ontario staffing agency, you naturally end up with some systems and processes that aren’t scaling-friendly. That’s the nature of starting up a business, but some company owners fail to re-evaluate everything and end up running into efficiency problems.

Once you hit your stride, make sure that you look over your operations and identify the non-scaling processes and resources that are holding you back from your desired growth rates. Replace them with more efficient options and start planning out how you can scale your staffing agency. One of the first areas that you’ll want to look into is your basic business processes and applications. Make sure that everyone is on the same page, and you have a standardized approach across your organization. That configuration will serve you well when you expand.

It’ll take some work, but it will all be worth it in the end.

It’s no question that every staffing owner has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. But if you try your best to incorporate these four characteristics, you can speed up the process from starting up to succeeding.