Are you doing everything you can to grow your staffing business?

As the owner of a start-up staffing agency in Canada, you’re going to need a plan in place to help you start (and continue) taking on a steady flow of new clients… because they aren’t going to start magically appearing without applying some strategy.

So… what exactly should your plan consist of? Let’s talk about five key cost-effective ways that you can attract more clients to your staffing business:

1. Capitalize on Your Niche

First things first: your new independent staffing firm should focus on specializing on one area of HR, because this will provide more of an opportunity to build a reputation for yourself in that field and ultimately gain more clients. Use your strengths to your advantage.

2. Promote Yourself through Online Marketing

There are always more people who could know about your business. In today’s society, marketing yourself online is going to play a paramount role in spreading the word about your company – and thankfully, with a specialized area of focus, your hard-earned advertising dollars will be spent wisely on a targeted group that is more likely to benefit from your services.

There are also more organic (unpaid) marketing efforts that you can devote some time and energy to, such as social media interaction and blogging that can engage those who may be interested in your offerings.

3. Offer More Services and Options to Clients

Another great way to ultimately grow your client base is to expand your service offerings to accommodate every client’s needs – especially if there has been a demand for those services. This will help you to appeal to a whole new group of clients who need your assistance.

4. Don’t be afraid of asking for client reviews

Asking your current clients to leave you a review after they commend you for what you’ve done for them can really help to establish your company as reputable and trustworthy, especially over time with enough positive reviews raving about your services.

5. Leave Administrative Tasks and Customer Support to a Back Office Support Team

Unfortunately, you can’t just ignore administrative tasks and payroll responsibilities until they go away. They aren’t going anywhere! Fortunately however, outsourcing back office tasks frees up more time for you to focus on growing your network and client base, as well as allowing you to deliver a high standard of service that will in turn foster your company’s growth.

With some patience and effort, your client base will grow.

By focusing your time and energy on the right things, you can successfully and steadily grow your client base to one that is profitable and rewarding. Good luck!