What are your customers saying about your service?

Without a doubt, the service experience you provide for your candidates should be a top priority of your staffing business at all times. Your candidates rely on you to provide a professional service that garners results – but of course, this will take some consistent effort and strategic planning on your end.

With that said, our staffing experts have chimed in to share some of the most simple and effective ways that you can create a candidate experience worthy of boastful reviews and, ultimately, more business:

1. Refine your application process

Nobody likes an agency with a complicated application process. The easier you make it for your candidates to apply, the better candidate experience you’re providing to them. Your website should be simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate with clear instruction, and it shouldn’t be over-loaded with unnecessary questions.

2. Keep up with communication

Keeping up regular communication with your candidates is more important than ever – because it lets them know that they are a priority to you. Keep them up to date about the status of their applications, and maintain a relationship with them. Follow up with a “thank-you” after your first encounter. Keeping your candidates informed during the process will foster appreciation and an overall positive opinion about your company.

3. Encourage feedback

When you ask your candidates about what they appreciated most about your services and what they felt could have been done differently, you’ll be getting a strong insight into the very things that can bring your business success. And if your candidate is happy with the service you provided, asking them for a referral doesn’t hurt – because through providing such an excellent customer care experience, you’ve earned the right to ask (and receive)!

4. Tend to your clients’ needs

In order to provide the best candidate experience possible, you should be taking note when a client asks about a service you don’t currently offer (for example, contract staffing. Offering more options to your clients means that you care about their preferences and their overall experience. If you aren’t doing all you can to cater to your clients’ needs, and then they’ll look to other agencies to get the job done.

5. Consider outsourcing customer support

You don’t need to be handling customer inquiries and keeping up with contact all by yourself. In fact, hiring an experienced back office support team to take care of it for you is the smartest route. This way you can be sure that every client is being served professionally and in a timely manner, 24/7 – allowing you to devote more time to what you do best.

When your candidates appreciate you, your business will grow.

Keeping these five steps in mind as you manage your recruitment business will help to keep your customers very happy with the service you provide – which will in turn send even more customers to your door. It’s a (necessary) win-win!