We’ve got a team of HR experts you (and your employees) can trust.

One common problem that staffing agency owners unfortunately can deal with is a high turnover rate. And it doesn’t help that, according to Officevibe.com, the average cost per new hire has skyrocketed to an all-time high of $4,000 per new employee – ouch.

If you’ve come to terms with the fact that your human resources management and performance is suffering – you shouldn’t accept the fact any longer… especially when there are HR solutions companies like The Agency Support Partners willing and happy to help!

In order to run a highly productive and profitable recruitment firm, you should take advantage of all the support you can get – because no successful entrepreneur ever succeeded alone. There’s a lot you need to be doing properly when it comes to managing you HR, and this includes following specific rules and regulations, as well as all that goes into recruiting new hires – proper job descriptions and legal contracts, etc.

We’ve got you covered for everything HR.

The Agency Support Partners’ outsourced HR Solutions provide a range of services & models to manage and supplement your human resources –either on a long term or short term basis. As part of our HR on Demand service, we can facilitate single hires when needed, develop comprehensive job descriptions, employee performance evaluations, termination and legal, as well as the creation of custom HR management programs to create a mutually beneficial professional relationship between the company and its employees.

We also offer access to a variety of tools tailored to your business like templates, handbooks, offer letter and compliance, and even orientations. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming HR audit, our experts can take care of that, too.

HR has evolved into a very elaborate and ever-changing element of every business, and certainly requires specific skills and experience – as well as TIME and effort – to manage properly. Luckily, when you hire The Agency Support Partners for HR on Demand, you can be sure that your specific HR needs are met without having to worry.

Think of us as a valuable extension to your HR department.

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