Here’s all you need to know to ensure your recruitment business takes off, and stays thriving.

While nobody said that starting and growing an independent staffing firm in Canada would be easy, the good news is that it can be made much more manageable with the right preparation and wise decision-making. It’s certainly important to know what to expect in this industry, and to know exactly how to handle each common obstacle.

This article will cover four different ways for new staffing agency owners to ensure start-up success.

  • Preparing for the Ups and Downs of the Staffing Industry
  • Attracting More Clients to Your Business
  • Creating a Better Hiring Process for a Better Candidate Experience
  • Overcoming the Common Hurdles of the Staffing World
  • Conclusion

Preparing for the Ups and Downs of the Staffing Industry

The recruitment industry experiences its fair share of highs and lows amidst ever-changing trends – and so recruitment firms need to know how to respond to these changes to stay successful.

Below are some key ways you can ensure your agency survives these ups and downs:

Ensure you’re working (and networking) with the right people.

When it comes to building your team, one way you can ensure you’re making the right choices is to perform background checks on your potential candidates. This service can easily be outsourced from a professional back office support team, and will be able to determine whether your applicants are being honest about their credentials.

Not only should you be choosing your staff members carefully, but you should also be networking with the right people. Building a large network of reliable contacts will help to create a more steady and reliable flow of work for your business.

Learn to properly manage your money & time.

Payroll responsibilities and other due payments can create a lot of stress for a new staffing agency owner – but there’s a way around this. You can secure a financial plan with a payroll funding or financing service provider to ensure you’ll be able to pay time-sensitive taxes and fees, as well as be able to make payroll on time, every time. A back office support team that offers payroll funding will also be able to help you with time-consuming and tedious tasks like record keeping, employee classification and paperwork, remittances, etc. that can be easy to slip up with.

There are going to be ups and downs in any industry. It’s how you respond to these wavering circumstances and trends, and how you prepare for them that will determine whether your agency thrives or suffers amidst it all.

Attracting More Clients to Your Business

As the owner of a new staffing agency in Canada, you’ll need to create a solid plan to attract clients to your door, and keep them coming.

Here are some ways you can effectively grow your client base:

Market your business online: Investing in an online targeted marketing campaign can let your target market – or in other words, those likely in need of your services – know about your business and will help to spread the word. There are also organic (unpaid) marketing strategies that you can employ such as social media marketing and blogging that, while will take some extra time and devotion, can really help to build a network of potential clients for your business.

Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback: by kindly asking your current customers to leave you a review after they’ve praised you for your excellent service, you’ll be helping to establish your company as reliable and professional.

Offer more options: Are there services that are in demand that you aren’t offering your clients? You want to appeal to as many clients as you can, so expanding your services (e.g. offering part- time or contract staffing services in addition to full-time/permanent) will help you to appeal to an even wider net of potential customers.

Specialize in an area: It also helps to capitalize on a specific service that you know most about. Identifying your strength and specializing in one HR focus or niche will allow you to create a reputation for your business in a narrower field, which means you’ll be winning clients over your competitors with no service specialty.

Don’t take on more than you need to: administrative and back office duties will take more time and effort than you think. Thankfully, outsourcing these responsibilities to a back office support team will allow you to grow your clients and deliver the exceptional care experience your customers deserve – that will ultimately bring even more clients to you.

Growing your client base to where you need it to be may be challenging at first – but you’ll get there by consistently applying the right strategies such as the ones mentioned above.

Creating a Better Hiring Process for a Better Candidate Experience

Your candidates deserve an excellent service experience, as they’re putting their trust in your new recruitment business.

One way to ensure their satisfaction is to create a seamless, straightforward and pleasant hiring process for them that will make you that much more worthy of a positive review and recommendation to others.

Here are some ways you can create a better hiring process:

Simplify your process: Candidates should be able to apply to your agency through a user- friendly site with simple navigation and clear job descriptions. Don’t overwhelm your applicant with questions that aren’t completely necessary. Only present the fundamental ones.

Broaden your search: It’s easy to get into the habit of looking at one particular applicant pool for every customer, but here’s the deal: expanding your search to more diverse and extensive candidate pools will give you access to even more qualified and eligible job seekers that may be just the right match for your client.

Provide updates and encourage feedback: The importance of communication with your customers can’t be stressed enough. Always follow up by thanking your candidates, and keep them updated regarding their status. This will help to create a more positive experience for them. Even encouraging honest feedback from your candidates regarding what they enjoyed most about their application, or what they feel could be improved will provide some very valuable insight for you.

By following these guidelines with each candidate you take on, you’ll be well on your way to creating a flawless hiring process.

Overcoming the Common Hurdles of the Staffing World

There are going to be a number of difficulties you face as you start up your staffing business that essentially every other agency owner will be dealing with, as well.

The key however to overcoming these obstacles is to be informed on how to make the right decisions and respond appropriately to every challenge.

These common staffing industry challenges include:

Payroll problems

For staffing firms in their first year, making payroll is certainly a contributing stress factor – especially with some clients taking longer than they should to pay you. Thankfully, hiring a back office solutions provider that offers payroll funding with full service will ensure you have the necessary funds available to you when you need them, with no debt accumulation risk.

Legal issues

It can be very challenging to stay legally compliant amidst ever-changing laws and regulations – including appropriately classifying workers and ensuring all payments (payroll and government fees) are made in full and on time. This becomes even more of a challenge when an agency begins to experience an even higher volume of clients. Fortunately however, a back office support team will also handle all of your legal obligations for you. Some will even perform background checks on your potential new hires so that you can be sure you aren’t putting your business in harm’s way.

Trouble getting new clients on board

At the start of your business, acquiring a group of eligible recruiters and job seekers that want your assistance isn’t an easy feat. But the good news is; there are a number of ways you can cost-effectively grow your client base – like specializing on a niche HR area, promoting your services through online marketing efforts, expanding your service offerings, asking for client reviews and hiring a back office support team to handle admin responsibilities.


Prepare, work hard, and stay optimistic. You’ve got this!

As long as you take the necessary steps to prepare for all of the common hurdles and ever- changing trends while also focusing on providing the best client care experience possible, you’ll be on the right track to staffing agency success.

But you don’t need to do this alone – and really shouldn’t. No successful staffing firm is a product of just one person’s time and energy. That being said, a back office support provider like The Agency Support Partners will take care of all administrative and payroll tasks so that you can put your efforts into what matters most, and what you do best: recruiting for clients, and recruiting your own clients!