An agency is only as great as the people behind it.

How much time and money has your recruitment firm been putting into new hires?

According to, the average cost per new hire has soared to an all-time high of $4,000 per hire. This is enough to make most organizations hesitant (and rightfully so) to hire new employees. But really, there’s a way around this – and it all comes down to a careful selection that includes a human capital assessment, or human capital management analysis.

The most critical element of a successful business is the people who run it. The human beings behind an organization define its character and potential, and have everything to do with how well the company performs, and how ultimately successful it can be.

But how can an agency be so sure that they’re making the right decision with a new hire?

The Agency Support Partners have your back.

Agency Support Partners are here to ensure that you reduce the risk of unnecessary turnover. We want to help you uncover leadership strengths early on, as well as identify the weaknesses within your organization. We’ll help you to build and foster a strong corporate culture with the right team, ensuring each person is in the right position at the right level of your organization – poised for growth so that your organization is set for future success. As you may have learned on your own, achieving this is more difficult than one might expect.

As part of The Agency Support Partner’s Human Capital Assessment, there are a number of questions we ask online to help us determine the right course of action when it comes to your agency’s recruitment. These questions will ultimately help us to ensure that you are reducing the risk of mis-hires early on, and that when hiring for key positions, you are always hiring with a clear objective in mind that is aligned with your organization’s vision.

Our experts know that agency leaders need to become more efficient in attracting new employees that possess the skills necessary to foster productive workplace performance, and know how to do this. Agencies should also be putting into place the right training programs to inspire and motivate employees, and should be ensuring these programs are designed to promote a happy and productive work team.

Every successful organization needs a team of productive, motivated and happy employees.

Successful agencies understand the value of a quality work team. And before anything else, it is of the utmost value for an organization to have a comprehensive understanding of their unique human capital situation. A Human Capital Assessment with The Agency Support Partners helps recruitment firm leaders achieve this understanding, so that there will be a much smaller risk of hiring unfit employees that will just end up leaving after all of your hard work and money spent – and a much greater opportunity for building a strong professional team (that’s with you to stay).

If you’re ready to take a Human Capital Assessment with The Agency Support Partners, start by booking a free consultation today.

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