Learn about The Agency Support Partners’ Advisory Board

When we think about some of the world’s most successful and renowned business owners, take Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, for example – it’s impossible not to note that the majority of these trailblazers started their company with a professional mentor by their side. This fact speaks volumes.

A business journey accompanied by mentorship has been proven time and time again to have a superbly positive impact on a business owner’s success. A sign of strength, not weakness; seeking mentorship or wisdom from seasoned professionals demonstrates a willingness to learn what may have taken years to attain, and an understanding that multiple minds and perspectives can be more valuable than one.

There are, without a doubt, enough companies you are going to need to compete with. Luckily, with guidance and mentorship from experts in your industry, you can excel beyond your competitors and truly thrive in your market.

Let our experts help propel you to success.

The Agency Support Partners has an easy-to-use Advisory Board that can help to keep your business on track, challenge your strategy and support you with making tough decisions – all geared towards helping you grow your business. Why? Because you can’t be an expert in everything!

We have industry experts specializing in HR, M&A, Finance, Technology, Legal, and, more importantly, entrepreneurs who are sitting where you sit who have gone through the challenges you are currently facing. With our guidance, you can avoid those mistakes that we might not have had the opportunity to, and that we’ve struggled through in order to finally thrive.

Our Advisory Board team of experts will help you get to the next stage in your business. There are three key ways in which we can help:

We’ll be a sounding board for your business ideas and decisions

Perspective is key in business and, without it, you may find yourself wasting time on concepts that your mentor has already tried and failed or in some circumstances succeeded. Either way, you will certainly benefit from talking ideas out before implementation, and will also receive the valuable reassurance you need to make confident, informed business decisions.

We’ll provide a wealth of wisdom

Another great benefit of having a mentor is learning from your mentor’s knowledge and experience. Utilizing the time and experiences from your mentor is immeasurable, as you don’t have to actually live out those experiences to gain the wisdom yourself.

We’ll give you the tools to connect and open more doors

Having the opportunity to connect with our experts not only provides you with valuable knowledge and insight, but also provides you with the opportunity to network and broaden your professional social scope – which often can lead to more leads and more sales.

Mentorship will provide the ongoing support that you need

When you imagine the number of businesses that fail, a lot of business owners wish they had mentors to help them avoid the hurdles that put them under. In fact, according to an article by The UPS Store reflecting a survey conducted by the company, “70 percent of small business owners that receive mentoring survive for five years or more, double the rate of those who do not receive mentoring”. This tells us all we need to know!

Our Advisory Board members have the extensive experience and wisdom accumulated through years of trial and error that can truly serve as a valuable tool for you on your professional journey. To join The Agency Support Partners for ongoing and expert support for your business, start by booking a free consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!