With so many options at hand, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

The right back office platform can make everything easier for your staffing firm. Your staff is able to work more productively, your administrative work decreases, and you won’t be at risk for misplacing important data. “Necessary” is an understatement!

However, staffing firms have an overwhelming selection of choices when it comes to back office software and platforms. The best option for one company may not work as well for your staffing firm’s unique needs.

But don’t stress! We can help you make the decision process easier. Ask yourself these questions to determine the applications you need to take your business from good to great:

“Does the platform support important HR functionality?”

Your staffing agency’s HR team has to handle a complex and ever changing workforce, as employees come and go on their work assignments. You need more than a standard set of HR features, since those will rarely give you a system with the flexibility you need.

“Can it handle my data storage needs?”

Today’s staffing agencies generate a ton of data every day. Your data storage requirements are only going to get larger in the future, as the Big Data business environment becomes more prevalent. You shouldn’t have to stress out about whether your back office solution can meet your current and future needs.

If you want to avoid your system becoming the digital equivalent of an overfilled filing cabinet, keep this consideration in the forefront of your mind. Not only should it have sufficient capacity for your data, but it also needs to make it easy to categorize and retrieve the information as needed.

After all, it’s no use having all of your paperwork in a centralized location if you’re not sure where it’s at within the platform. Pay special attention to the search capability of the solutions you evaluate. You want the software to go beyond basic searches, so it can adapt to complex queries.

“Is the software compatible with my existing applications?”

You may have a number of applications that you swear by in your staffing agency. While some may naturally become redundant when you choose a new back office solution, others still have a valuable place in your organization.

You don’t want to make your infrastructure more complicated than it needs to be, so look for staffing software solutions that offer integration with third-party applications. This way, you’ll have a powerful back office platform that can work with best-in-class software for more specialized areas, such as IT.

“How does it handle customer relationship management functions?”

You work with a lot of clients, and you have to keep all of their information on-hand to properly meet their staffing needs. If you have data scattered across multiple applications, it’s easy to mess up something and fail to fulfill their requirements.

A back office solution with a customer relationship management system makes it easy for you to keep track of everything you need to know about each client. You can see who they’ve talked to, the people in charge of that contract, the documents that they send and everything else pertaining to that business

“Can I use the platform for accounting purposes?”

Another complicated area in a staffing agency is the financial records. Since you have a staff working in-house, as well as employees who get assigned to the temporary positions that come in from your clients, you need to have accounting features that can keep track of everything.

From the hours your employees work at their job assignments, to the payroll processing for each person in your organization, a good staffing back office tool streamlines this process and makes accounting straightforward.

“Will it scale well?”

The solution that you choose today should be able to accommodate your staffing firm’s growth. If the backend software has a hard time scaling as you bring in more clients and bigger contracts, then you could find yourself being held back and missing out on potential opportunities. Cloud-based software is particularly good at scaling, since adding resources to the platform is a relatively seamless process handled by the provider.

Choosing the right back office software doesn’t need to be scary.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by all the back office software out on the market! When you know the criteria to keep an eye out for before you start the evaluation process, you can quickly hone in on the selection that’s capable of fitting in with your staffing agency infrastructure.