Are you being as careful as you can be with your talent selection?

Getting familiar with your potential hires before you bring them on board at your staffing agency is a more important step than many may think. In fact, a 2012 joint survey carried out by Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, and The Society of Human Resource uncovered that a staggering 53 percent of resumes and job applications contain some kind of false information. Disappointing.

So how can you, the owner of a staffing firm in Canada help to ensure that your new team member is honest and trustworthy, apart from being the right fit professionally? Well, it’s quite simple.

Hire Smarter with Employee Background Checks

There are a number of different employee background checks that a staffing agency can perform on new potential hires to ensure they’re making the right choice. Let’s go over four main types of background checks a back office support team can perform for your staffing agency, and why it’s so important they be performed:

1. The Identity Check

Perhaps the most important check of them all, the identity check is (appropriately) required by law to check the eligibility status of a potential new hire before officially placing that individual. The standard identity check will verify that your applicant is, in fact, who he or she claims to be – along with all of their basic information.

2. The Education/ Credentials Check

Your staffing business deserves nothing less than a team of employees who are well-educated about the specific roles and duties required of them. An education and credentials background check will ensure that your applicant has completed the education and experience he or she claims – because either way, you’ll be finding out sooner or later if their supposed field and level of expertise (or lack thereof) just doesn’t add up.

3. The Criminal Background Check

Blindly hiring a criminal employee is a major mistake any business owner can make – so naturally, performing a criminal background check is a CRITICAL part of the hiring process. You want to ensure that no employee you bring on is going to be putting you, your staff, your clients and your entire business at risk… because a criminal who is granted access to the inner workings of your agency can and will do just that.

4. The Credit History Check

A credit history check can provide some useful insight about the character of your potential new hire. Individuals with a good credit history vs. a poor one have made more responsible financial decisions, which can indicate that they are likely responsible in other ways, too. This can be valuable information necessary for you to build a quality team that will ultimately influence the success of your business.

5. The Drug Screen

There’s no harm in performing a mandatory drug screen on any potential new hire if you prefer to take extra precaution. Ensuring your new employee is clean of any habits that can inhibit their performance or lead them to act inappropriately can offer you peace of mind, and can save yourself, your other employees and your company from potential jeopardy.

It’s Safer to Choose Wisely…

With the average cost for a business to take on a new hire at $4,000 – you really want to be making your hire decisions carefully. Fortunately, these useful types of background checks can be performed by a professional back office support team to help protect your growing staffing firm from an array of risks – whether financial, emotional or physical.