Have you been managing this tedious administrative process in-house?

Workers’ compensation provides financial security as well as medical benefits to your employees in the case of injury or another health-related incident. And while workers’ compensation remains an essential component of your business that serves to protect and benefit your staff, it is still a back office function that deals with a meticulous and diverse set of rules and regulations – and these must be adhered to in order to avoid costly risks, both financial and legal.

If you’ve been managing your workers’ compensation claims in-house or by yourself, you may find it useful to know that you can (and should) outsource this type of business processing to a professional back office support team instead.

Here are some key reasons that smart staffing agencies in Canada choose to outsource their workers’ comp management to external organizations that specialize in such.

It’s difficult, and even costly, to manage workers’ comp on your own.

Let’s face it: managing workers’ comp claims can be a slow, meticulous and time consuming process that actually requires a high level of expertise – one that your typical staffing agency owner simply does not possess. There are specific fee schedules to follow and, on top of that, the process is still primarily paper-based, requiring detailed filling out and mailing out, which is costlier than electronic filing.

And forget about making a data record error or, mistakenly submitting your papers in an incorrect order – because this means you’ll have to re-submit the whole claim, setting back your reimbursement even further. Fortunately, these workers’ comp-related headaches can be completely avoided when you outsource.

A back office support team will work to get you a prompt reimbursement.

Even if you’re submitting your claims correctly and in a timely manner, this doesn’t mean that you’ll always receive a (seemingly deserved) prompt reimbursement. There will be a lot of time consuming following up to ensure there are no problems at play, and there’s no one better for that job than an organized specialist who will be committed to making these calls efficiently to get you your reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Outsourcing workers’ comp is just easier (and smarter).

Running your recruitment company with all of your back office functions can get extremely stressful. But the fact of the matter is, these never-ending tasks simply need to be performed both accurately and on time. A back office support provider that offers workers’ comp management will take care of this for you - so you can focus your valuable time and energy on running your business and making your clients happy.