It’s time to think about offering more.

As the owner of a growing independent staffing firm in Canada, you’re probably well aware of the rise of contract or “gig work”.

Today, while many independent staffing firms specialize in offering permanent or full-time staffing solutions to clients, more and more agencies are beginning to add contract staffing to their service offerings.

Does your independent staffing agency provide contract or temporary staffing as a service? If not, it’s definitely time to consider doing so. Here’s why.

It’s a growing demand, and your clients deserve to have their needs met.

With the boom of the gig economy, a demand for contract staffing services has been steadily increasing. If you find that your clients have been asking about temporary placements, this is a very strong reason to add it to your services. If you aren’t meeting the needs of your clients, they’ll stray – and that’s lost business. Adding part-time staffing services to your offerings is a perfect way to really capitalize on the booming gig economy in more ways than one.

It gives you a competitive advantage, and will help you grow your client base.

Another reason to start offering contract staffing is because most independent recruiters actually only focus on providing permanent or full-time staffing solutions. By offering something that many others in your industry aren’t, you’ll have an opportunity to outshine your competition – especially those larger agencies that only provide permanent staffing solutions. In fact, a leading reason for a client to choose one agency over another is because of more extensive service options.

The more services you provide as an agency, the more doors you'll be opening up to new potential candidates and employers – giving your business an opportunity to take on an even greater number of clients.

Offering contract staffing is simpler than it seems.

You can rest assured that adding temporary staffing to your services won’t be a headache – in fact, it’s quite a simple process that you’ll be able to get a handle on relatively quickly with the right kind of help. Hiring a back office solutions team to handle all of the time-consuming and time-sensitive administrative tasks means you can offer your new service without having to take on the extra stress and responsibility of something you have little to no experience with.

The more you offer, the more you’ll prosper.

At the end of the day, this fact remains: agencies that are capable of offering more services and providing more options to their clients are preferred, and will ultimately see more business. And thankfully, a back office support provider like The Agency Support Partners can help you offer more without taking on more stress. Contact us today to learn more about what our team of HR experts can do for you.